Monday, June 4, 2018

Superintendent Manuel's Proposed Contract Extension

On June 18, Superintendent Manuel's proposed new contract will be considered:

Superintendent Manuel's Proposed Contract  

Salary $166,464 (approx. $3000 raise)

The benefits in the proposed contract are the same as his previous contract, and include: 

Car Allowance $400 per month 
The Board pays the premiums for family health insurance, a $450,000 term life insurance policy, cell phone and laptop, etc. 
Annuity Plan $200 per month 

On May 1, in Jason Manual Wants New Contract from GMSD Board, I speculated that Superintendent Manuel was seeking to lengthen his contract, and that has been proven correct.

This contract is extended to the summer of 2022, whereas his current contract expires in 2020. 

Removed from the proposed contract is the requirement that he pay $15,000 to GMSD if he decides to leave his position before the contract expires. Although Mr. Manuel has stated that this clause was illegal, I am doubtful that this is the case, assuming that $15,000 is a reasonable estimate of the cost for GMSD to search for a new Superintendent. 

Should the Board become dissatisfied with his performance as Superintendent before the term expires, two different provisions apply, and these are the same as the previous contract. They may terminate his contract, but pay him in full until the end of his contract, or they may replace him and move him to another position, with full pay until the end of the contract period.

The consideration of the contract takes place before the Citizens to Be Heard on the Agenda:

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  1. already overpaid. practices nepotism in hiring practices. should be paid
    based in the teachers performance. should lose some pay for HHS debacles.

  2. He is a feckless person and not worthy of this role; bullied our family after we asked for his help in arranging a meeting. His true lack of any professionalism and fake personality will come to the surface soon enough; please don’t let it be at the cost of the students any longer and this community, anymore than it has already been!

    Perfrom an actual real search for an exemplary leader nationally, not just a surplus personnel internal promotional; absolutely has been a great loss to the entire city. Move on from this poor selection and realize this post is too important to be lost on a substandard placeholder.