Friday, June 1, 2018

Old and New Business Removed from June 4 PSEC Meeting Agenda

In my last two posts, Audio Recording of PSEC Meeting Purposely Destroyed and Why Does the Chair of the PSEC have a Problem with Alderman Massey? I described the effort by the Chair of the Public Safety Education Commission (PSEC) to request Alderman Massey's removal as the liaison alderman.

Because the agenda for the PSEC meeting Monday night has been changed, it appears that there will be no vote held then requesting that removal. (Note: I believe it would still be possible to modify the agenda again Monday night, although I hope that would not occur.)

The previously circulated agenda for the June 4 PSEC meeting was as follows: 

On May 31, this email was sent by the Chairman to the members of the PSEC:    

On the new agenda, no "old" and "new" business is listed:   

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  1. I'm not convinced there's much to worry about here. They usually just cancel the June meeting anyway, so having a shortened one is more than what they had before. I bet the new business/old business part was just a misprint. They probably use an older agenda in MS Word as their template and I bet a secretary (or whoever types up the agendas) just forgot to take that part out or didn't know to take it out.

    I don't think the sky is falling and I don't think this is some grand conspiracy to defraud the public. If you're going to publish a blog that claims to give people insight into their government, it would be better to for you to find out the whole story and report that, rather than jump to conclusions and try to create distrust when likely none exists.

    1. I did email both the Chair and the Secretary to get their perspectives, and they did not answer my emails. Not sure what else I can do.

      I am not claiming to know the cause of the removal of old and new business from the agenda. Nor do I know the status of the attempt by the Chair to remove Alderman Massey as the liaison to the commission.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this. I don't think many people in germantown know a ton about what is going on. You're keeping us in the loop and it's appreciated