Thursday, October 8, 2020

Three Roundabouts in Northwest Germantown on Project List

Carmel, Indiana, the model for our City, is a sort of "roundabout central" for the USA. It seems as if our City may still trying to emulate that financially troubled City. 

I mentioned in the discussion of the post Will Old Germantown be Sacrificed to Asphalt? that there were some other unusual road plans on the MPO project list. Unlike the Old Germantown plans, these three Neshoba Road roundabouts have an actual target date-- 2026-2030. Remember that these plans are not set in stone and can often change dates, or be dropped.  

Since the intersection of Exeter and Neshoba has recently been improved, one would hope that this intersection will not be included in the final plans. Perhaps the Thornwood developers were not in favor of a roundabout there, and were able to convince the administration to have a more traditional intersection at that location. That is pure conjecture.

I have questions about roundabouts on Neshoba, for several of reasons. There are homes at these intersections, and it will likely take at least parts of yards, if not the homes themselves, depending on the size of the roundabouts. I also wonder how fire trucks will be able to pass. The administration is always telling us that the City cannot have speed bumps (or something similar)  because of the adverse effect on response times. But roundabouts surely would slow fire trucks more than speed bumps, which can be specifically designed to accommodate fire trucks.  

This one minute video describes all I know about the roundabouts on the project list:


  1. We can’t get people to stop at the stop signs at Cordova rd and Neshoba coming west on Neshoba from Gtown Pkwy - a roundabout would just give them a thoroughfare because everyone knows Gtown people do not understand the concept of yield! For example the yield sign exiting off 240 to go east on walnut grove and again east on Poplar no one observes.accident waiting to happen

  2. We can’t get out of the neighborhood now

  3. Mickie, every place in the country that has installed roundabouts has seen a decrease in accidents. What do you think their drivers have that ours don't?