Saturday, July 7, 2018

Commission Members "Indefinitely Table" motion to request removal of Massey as Alderman Liaison

The drama that occurred in past meetings of the PSEC concluded this past Monday night, as members of the Commission permanently and/or indefinitely tabled a motion that could have led to Alderman Massey being removed as alderman liaison.  

For reference, please see 

Audio of Public Safety Education Commission Purposely Destroyed, Suggesting Possible Tennessee Sunshine Law Violation 

Why Does the Chair of the PSEC Have a Problem with Alderman Massey? 


Old and New Business Removed from June 4 PSEC Meeting 

As reported, at the May meeting of the PSEC, the Chair asked the Commission to vote to request from the BMA a new alderman liaison. This item was not put on the agenda prior to the meeting. Mayor Palazzolo, who attended the May meeting, witnessed as the Commissioners tabled the discussion and vote until the next meeting. No audio is available for the May meeting because the Secretary destroyed the audio after transcribing the minutes that night, even though Alderman Massey requested that she retain it. Old and new business was removed from the June 4 meeting, and therefore the discussion and vote on Alderman Massey's fate took place July 2. 

The Chair of the PSEC attended neither the June nor July meetings. 

I uploaded the July 2 meeting audio to YouTube. I link the times/location stamps as I take brief notes of the meeting, concentrating on the liaison discussion and vote:  

"Lock it or Lose It"
Link 01:30 The Vice-Chair adds Alderman Massey's report back to the agenda. (per Massey, it had not been an item on the original agenda, and therefore, prior to the meeting, Massey contacted City Attorney David Harris about its absence). 

Link 3:42 The safety camp "Safety City" was a success.

Link 16:05 FYI  (public service announcement)  Please lock your car doors! "Lock it or lose it"  

Link 34:18 Alderman Massey's report-- speaks about various safety issues, people throwing cigarettes out the car windows, starting fires, and the proposed "lock it or lose it" campaign, report from the BMA, email from resident praising police, don't confront thieves, call police.  

The Motion to Request Removal of Massey as Alderman Liaison

Link 42:22 Old Business--This is where the discussion and vote on requesting a new liaison begins.  

Link 46:13 Massey reads comments into record, says he got approximately 10,000 votes in last election, do they want to silence those citizens? Keep Commissions non-partisan and have less cronyism, says he selected each one of Commission members and Chair knowing they are supporters of the Mayor, and knows there will be differences, having all points of views and compromise is good, use different opinions. Chair miscontrued statements, all viewpoints should be heard, Massey wants to postpone the motion indefinitely. 

Alderman Massey's motion not correct procedure. Someone else makes the motion instead. Massey argues that commission member should not have to vote on something like this--yea, or nay, it puts Commission members in a bad position politically, and he wants to avoid that by putting the vote off until the end of the term. If Chair wants Alderman Massey replaced he can go alone to BMA and ask for that to be done without Commission members being put in the difficult position of voting. In response to a comment, Massey says willing to meet with Chair to resolve differences, but Chair so far is not willing. Massey wants to work with Chair, it is up to Chair if he wants to continue, or resign, or go to BMA requesting Alderman Massey's removal. Massey has no intention of requesting Chair's removal.

The vote on Massey was tabled indefinitely, until the term completed, with just one member wanting the issue resolved now. 

Link 1:02:50 Discussion about recordings of meeting and how long they are kept --until minutes are approved at next meeting. (My note: This came about as a result of my complaints to the City that the May meeting recording was destroyed). 

Hopefully the drama is now put to bed, the Chair agrees to resolve issues with Massey, and the citizen-volunteers can stay focused on the job of keeping Germantown safe without having to deal with extraneous "personality conflicts".

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  1. Why do you think that they oppose Massey so much? Is it a group-mentality? You would think that transparency and advocating for the people should the standard...