Monday, January 8, 2018

The People Speak On Apartment Complexes

As the BMA prepares to discuss the strength (or lack thereof) of its proposed moratorium on apartment complexes tonight, they best examine what their constituents have been saying. 

The petition that has been circulated from changedotorg has been  wildly successful, with over 2500 signatures. The petition has only been circulating for a little over two days! The supporters did an amazing job getting the word out, obviously.

But the neighborhoods group Nextdoor also indicates that  the sentiment is running high against approval of apartment complexes. This is from a wide range of verified Germantown citizens (NextDoor requires credit card info to verify street address),  Someone living in the center of Germantown circulated this poll, and the results are crystal clear. Take a look!


The locations in Germantown that were polled are on this map. Note that the affected areas of the city were not even included in this! This shows this is not a NIMBY effect (not in my back yard). 

The neighborhoods included are mostly east of Germantown Road, centered on Germantown East,  but do not extend to Forest Hill Heights. Neither the affected Neshoba North nor the Forest Hill Heights area were covered in this poll. The way NextDoor works, there is no way to cover the entire city with a single poll. I will publish other NextDoor polls as I obtain the results. 

Aldermen, please take notice!

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