Friday, January 5, 2018

Recent Rental Apartment Unit Approvals Greatly Exceed Ownership Units

The Cordova Road Triangle is on the left

Many Germantown homeowners have expressed concern about the sheer number of rental multi-family units that are being approved. They believe this will shift the culture of ownership that is traditional in Germantown. Since this is really a numbers game, I will give a brief overview: 

Currently the households are comprised of the following housing units:

At the current time--the following rental apartments are either being constructed are in some level of the approval process:  
Watermark should read 310 units, and Viridian 300, although the Planning Commission could approve more

The following housing units are being constructed:    

Additionally, the Reaves property by the school in the Forest Hill area has been zoned for residential, and residents of Neshoba North have been told there will be a development of apartments (most likely mixed-use) in the Cordova Road Triangle. The Parc Apartment Complex in Forest Hill Heights was told by the Planning Commission to come back as a mixed use project. We are excluding these in the numbers, since we do not have them.

After we add the numbers above to the current household units, we come up with the following: 

In just a couple of short years, the percentage of rental units will almost double, going from 6.5% to 12.8%. 

For this reason, many residents are calling for the proposed moratorium on apartment building to be strengthened, so that multi-use developments are included in the proposed moratorium, as well as developments not yet fully approved. 

1500 new housing units are being added, with more being considered. If 1800 units are eventually approved, and we use the Superintendent's estimate of 31 school children per 100 units, that would mean 558 new school children in GMSD.  And every year estimates of school children are far below the actual because of the current growth pattern in numbers of students in our schools. This is due to younger families flocking to the district and purchasing the homes of older residents.  Because of these two factors, our new school will have a difficult time alleviating the severe overcrowding we are currently experiencing. 

In addition to the impact on the school population, services and infrastructure such as police, fire, and traffic could also be impacted.


  1. No more rental unites in Germantown!!!!
    Byron Crain

  2. No more Rental Property in Germantown!!!!