Sunday, September 25, 2016

The UNDEAD-- Germantown Road Realignment

The supposed "deadness" of Germantown Road Realignment can easily be countered. Consider the following facts:

Does it have current outside funding? No. Can that funding be applied for immediately? No. Can it come up again in the next year? No. 

But, do these things make road realignment dead? Absolutely not. A better way to put this is that it is in a short hibernation. An alderman stated at the forum that the City can apply for funds again in early 2019, just over two years from now. How is that "dead"? 

It sits on the 2018-2020 Metropolitan Planning Organization schedule as a "fiscally restrained" project. You can bet that the same leaders in our City that wanted this project last year will apply for it again, right on schedule. We can look for the process to start again in early 2019, a little over two years from now. 
We have been given a timeline. Click on the screenshot below and enlarge the print, or go to the Metropolitan Planning Organization document (this screenshot is from page 169) and judge for yourself. Please pay attention to facts rather than rhetoric. 

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