Saturday, October 22, 2016

Prominent Germantown names on PAC list for election

The Commercial Appeal discusses The Sunshine PAC and its donors in this article: 

Prominent Germantown Names on Pac List for Election 

The major donors include Alderman John Barzizza, Jon Thompson, and Edwin Barnett.  Barzizza is quoted as saying that people stay in office too long.  Jon Thompson has been one of the main people who have been using open records requests. 

Barzizza supports challengers David Nischwitz and Dean Massey against incumbents Rocky Janda and Dave Klevan. However neither Nischwitz nor Massey have any connection to the PAC.  In the article the challengers say that there needs to be a fresh approach to government, and neither are interested in negative campaigning.  

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  1. Attended Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting tonight (Oct. 24). Although they are campaigning hard to win seats on the board, neither Dean Massey nor David Nischwitz was in attendance. Several people at the meeting said they had never seen either at any BOA meetings. And these men want to be elected to office? You'd think they'd want to learn SOMETHING about the positions they seek.
    Also, information came out that the Germantown Football League president, using GFL stationary, sent out 250 letters to parents of GLF players, using the GFL mailing list endorsing Mr. Nischwitz. He enclosed envelopes soliciting donations (he suggested $50 or more). Unethical and illegal (GFL is a 501(c)3 charity and is not allowed by law to engage in political activities).
    There's some sunshine and transparency for you.

  2. The creation of a PAC for city elections is an ugly escalation of city elections, and as a result, I will vote for no one recommended by it.