Saturday, September 14, 2019

Large Residential component in New Carrefour Site Plan (Leaked by Website "Developments in Germantown")

Do you want a sneak peak at the new site plan for Carrefour, the shopping center development at Kirby and Poplar that is scheduled for a complete overhaul?  Thanks to John Peyton, owner of the website Developments in Germantown, and the Facebook group DIG-Developments in Germantown, you get a glimpse of the project before any commissions consider the plan, and before the plan is posted to the City website.

First a disclaimer: I have no idea how Mr. Peyton obtained this plan, and I also do not know which people at the City of Germantown have even seen it. Nor do I know if this is a plan that will be formally submitted.

An original version of the site plan was passed by the BMA earlier this year-- one that included a "boutique" style hotel, along with offices, a garage, and a shopping center. That plan was the same one shown at the public meeting about a year ago (see Carrefour Meeting in Video and Pictures, Sept 18, 2018). This new site plan is substantially revised, with two separate high rises labeled "residential" and another two large wings off the office building designated as "residential" as well. This change to "residential" was anticipated by most citizens, because of the administration's push to add more apartments in mixed-use developments in the City. This development was simply waiting for the apartment moratorium to expire this past June. Right now there is a moratorium on stand-alone apartment buildings in place, but currently we have no definition of a "stand-alone" apartment building. Not only do I have no idea when or if this site plan will be officially submitted for consideration, I don't know if the (likely) apartment buildings in the plan will meet the criteria of "stand alone apartment building" that the majority of the aldermen say they do not favor. Why not? These are part of a "mixed-use" development.

Here is the complete PDF posted in Developments in Germantown. The above pictures were taken from that PDF. Just click on them to enlarge, or go directly to the complete PDF.  

If you are interested in this "Western Gateway" project, keep on the lookout for future public meetings, and join the Facebook group "Developments in Germantown".

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