Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Thornwood street named after Lakeland Planning Director?

The City of Lakeland's Planning Director is of course none other than our very own Forrest Owens, who also serves in an elected, paid position as alderman in Germantown. In his duties as alderman, he also holds the key position as a voting member of the Germantown Planning Commission. I was looking at a map of Thornwood to see how leasing of the apartment building is going, I and was surprised to see this name on a street--  

At first I thought maybe there was a mistake on the map, because after all it was the Owen family that originally owned the land. Was there an "S" added mistakenly on the street's name on the map? A name of Owen Manor Cove would indicate that the street was named after the former land owner rather than the Lakeland Planning Director. To help solve this mystery, I went to Trader Joe's early this morning and captured the above picture of the Owens name, complete with the S at the end of it. 

I will let someone else count all the leased apartments at Thornwood.  If you decide to check it out, you will notice that the outside apartments are leasing far faster than the ones that only look out to the courtyard.  As someone who is somewhat claustrophobic, this makes sense.

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