Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cheers! Part III City Fails to Notice the Public; Material Information Suppressed

The City Mislabeled the Agenda Items That Described Proposed Ordinance 2016-10. (Click on links to see proof):  

Agenda Item 15, October 10, 2016 states "Ordinance 2016-10--Amendment to Beer Ordinance--First Reading, Set Public Hearing". 

Agenda Item 11, November 14, 2016 states "Ordinance 2016-10--Amendment to Beer Ordinance--Second Reading and Public Hearing".  

Agenda Item 11, November 28, 2016  states "Ordinance 2016-10--Amendment to Beer Ordinance--Third and Final Reading".  

Changes to the code sections pertaining to the sale of beer were indeed included in Ordinance 2016-10, but so were changes to two code sections that pertain to the sale of alcoholic beverages, sections 3-116 and 3-114. Beer and alcoholic beverages are governed by altogether different articles of the City Code of Ordinances. Article III governs the sale of beer, and Article II governs the sale of intoxicating liquors. The notice given to the citizens in the posted agendas failed to inform them that substantial changes were being made to sections 3-116 and 3-114 of Article II.

The City Omitted Material Facts During the BMA Meetings.  

Never once during any of the three BMA meetings did the City mention changes to sections of Article II, except to say it was simply conforming certain code sections pertaining to the sale of alcohol to Tennessee law.  

To facilitate your seeing for yourself what took place at the BMA meetings, I am linking below the pertinent discussions: 

October 10, 2016  (48:15)

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