Friday, February 17, 2017

Mayor Moves Forward on GES and GMS

From the City Website:

Mayor Addresses Plans to Accommodate Germantown Growth 

The mayor is moving with discussions on the possible purchase of Germantown Elementary and Middle School, and providing transparency in the process. This was the goal of Suzanne Jones when she suggested a firm offer at the joint retreat (see previous post). 

Immediately after that retreat, the Mayor had at least one meeting and a phone call with Mr. Caldwell, Chairman of the Board of SCS, and apparently they agreed to move the process forward.   

It seems apparent that Ms. Jones' approach-- building relationships with SCS members, and pressing the mayor for a firm offer-- did yield some results, notwithstanding all the hand wringing about her possibly derailing the process. 

Thank you Mayor Palazzolo for moving this process forward. Thank you Suzanne Jones for your part in facilitating this. 

Perhaps we will learn to do productive things with a little less drama next time?  And let's hope for a positive results!

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