Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Germantown Drainage Survey

The storm water drainage survey is now closed. Thank you for responding. I will be posting the results in a few days.   


  1. Sorry, didn't know about the survey 'til yesterday. We have a potential major failure of the Brookside drainage ditch. The ditch drains the surrounding hills from the RR tracks on the south to Kirby Road and the new office buildings already built on the West to the Hill top by the Madonna Learning Center on the east. The amount of water in the ditch has doubled since the Walter Wills property has been developed and comes within inches of topping the side walls.The concrete sloping walls and the bottom of the concrete liner have cracked allowing water to move under the concrete. This causes erosion and causes the concrete liner to settle and crack creating a retention pond for mosquitoes.The cracks now have trees crowing out of them causing more failure of the concrete. I'm aware of three neighbors who have their back yards subsiding under the concrete liner due to the erosion under the liner. There are about 190 homes along both sides of the ditch so the amount of current damage to their property is unknown. The City was notified including the engineering department and the Mayor. If there is a seven year plan for repair of the drainage systems in Germantown, is this ditch in the plan? If it isn't, why isn't it included? Fixing it sooner rather than later will greatly reduce both the cost and the complexity of the repair.

    1. Thank you. Please email the Mayor, Aldermen, and Public Works Department of the City with this information, again. It is important that you document your contacts with them. You might also consider attending the BMA meeting tomorrow night and speaking at Citizens to Be Heard. I know the City is planning updates to the system, and hopefully the BMA will vote to expedite the alterations and repairs.