Sunday, May 19, 2019

Want to Rent an Apartment in Germantown? Come on Over!

I welcome all new inhabitants to the City. I was one myself a short five years ago, when we downsized and purchased a condominium in Germantown after many years of living in Memphis. We chose a condo over an apartment because there is not a landlord controlling the rent, but for many people renting is the best option. In fact, one of the reasons that we chose Germantown is that a friend of mine at one time lived at Bridges at Germantown, and I came to love the proximity to the Greenway.

Of course we need apartments in Germantown. News Flash! We have them. Another News Flash! There are plenty of openings! 

That may not be news to you, but it would be news to Tonyaa Weathersbee, who in a Commercial Appeal article used convoluted logic to argue that because a family she knows could not find a three bedroom house they wanted to buy (in Memphis, mind you), the Germantown apartment moratorium should be allowed to end.

There may or may not be a shortage of three bedroom homes in Memphis, but one thing is for sure--there is NO shortage of available apartments in Germantown. In fact, Thornwood is resorting to having open houses, food trucks, and incentives to try to lease brand new apartments in an ideal location in the center of the city!

The City is fortunate that most of the apartment complexes here are nicely kept and attractive. I am going to link their websites here so that it will be a handy guide for anyone who wants to rent an apartment in Germantown. Check out the openings, and then try to make the argument that we need more apartments in the City!  Tonyaa definitely needs to get up to speed on our apartment situation here. Tell your friends and acquaintances to come visit and they can probably move in tomorrow. And this is all with the apartment moratorium firmly in place!

The Vineyards  Great location west of Germantown Road on Wolf River Parkway, you will have a choice of fifteen apartments that are listed as being available.

The Retreat  These attractive apartments are near the corner of Germantown Road and Wolf River Boulevard. Their website says, "Move in TODAY". Nice to know if you need to rent an apartment immediately!

Bridges at
/Germantown  You can use the crosswalk by this complex for access to the Greenway. You can search for available floor plans and you have no shortage of choices.

Farmington Gates. These have the advantage of being right on Poplar, and within walking distance to restaurants and other business establishments. What better way to celebrate Germantown's walkability? Not only that, they are newly renovated!  Please hurry as there is a web coupon you can use for the next 12 days. (note to Tanyaa: web coupons are not generally associated with shortages).

Westminster Townhomes  There are rumors of possible redevelopment of these townhomes at Poplar and Kirby, and something seems to have happened to the website (???).

Thornwood  What can I say? If you want a place where everything is included then this is your spot! I haven't checked if concierge service means they will bring you a toothbrush at 10PM because the airline lost your luggage and your only toothbrush along with it. Does any other apartment complex in the City include this much stuff--internet, cable, phone, etc.?  At best, about half of this brand new complex is leased, and some apartments are still being finished. I predict more food trucks and open houses in the future. Please visit!

Come one, come all. Come rent an apartment in Germantown, and WELCOME TO THE CITY! When we fill these, hey, we might need to add another complex.

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