Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Germantown Mayor and Aldermen Campaign Financial Disclosures

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance, campaign financial disclosures for the third quarter of 2018 were due October 10. All candidates submitted in a timely fashion and finally the information is posted. I want to shine a light on all the campaign disclosures of the candidates for Alderman, Mayor and the one and only PAC in this election.

The website where the filings are located is not particularly user friendly. First you have to select "Shelby County", and then, after waiting for the information to load, you have to scroll through pages at the bottom to get to the Germantown candidates (found on about page 16 or so) and the Germantown "Values" PAC (found on about page 30).

Then, since the filings are quarterly, you have to select two to four different time periods, depending on the candidate. It is therefore impossible for me to provide direct links for each candidate/entity. To make the information user friendly, I downloaded the quarterly reports for each candidate and the PAC, and combined them into single PDFs, and uploaded those to the cloud. I provide links for those PDFs; simply click on the candidate's name. I totaled the contributions to each candidate and PAC.  

Germantown "Values" PAC  (link to previous post)

Here is a mailer it sent out to voters, indicating its preferences.    

Here are its quarterly filings:    

Germantown Values PAC Total Contributions $23,650


John Barzizza Total Contributions $88,026

Mike Palazzolo Total Contributions $104,150, with carryover $16,729 totaling $120,879   *see below* for additional information

Alderman Position 1:

Scott Sanders Total Contributions $20,032

Brian White Total Contributions $44,915 

Alderman Position 2:

Dr. Jeff Brown Total Contributions $21,230

Mary Anne Gibson Total Contributions $42,623, with carryover of $1,918, totaling $44,541 



*Mike Palazzolo did not complete the (required) spaces for the donor's employer on the financial disclosures, so a private citizen did research and came up with this list, simply attempting to fill in the blanks for the missing information --

Palazzolo's Donors' Occupations/Employers 

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