Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Request: Survey About Riverdale School

The Germantown Municipal School District is preparing to build a new elementary school on Forest Hill Irene Road. They are using the Riverdale Middle School expansion building as their guide for the new elementary school building. The addition at Riverdale is beautiful, and it is an example of what the district calls the "Germantown Brand." But before we move forward with another building (link to plans), I feel it is important to critique the design of the district’s first project.

What do you feel the Riverdale building design got right, and where does it fall short? Please take the following survey and let me know your thoughts. I am particularly interested in receiving feedback from teachers, students, and parents who use the Riverdale facilities day-to-day.

I am not affiliated with the school district in any official capacity. Responses you give will be used only as research for the blog and will be kept completely anonymous (unless you provide your name and specifically say it is OK to use it).

Thank you,

Meg Jackson, Guest Blogger

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