Friday, November 4, 2016

Links to Shining a Light on Germantown Posts

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Germantown Delays Final Vote on Zoning Changes 

Major Proposed Zoning Changes, a "Public Hearing", and Nobody came

Part 1 Houston High Athletics and Arts Foundation

AND, the winners are................

Official Responses to Lisa Parker's Call for Critics to Leave Germantown

Bye-Bye Lisa Parker Channels Willie Herenton  

The Jumbotron Plays Political Ads During Seventh Grade Football Game  

City Leaders Play Political Football with Popular Kids' Sports Program

Citizens to be Heard--Sheila Hahn Questions School Site Selection Process BMA 10-24-16

Prominent Germantown names on PAC list for election

Emails Surface Concerning Patrick Lawton's Knowledge of His "Mistaken" Car Allowance

Germantown alderman's race heats up as Barzizza supports challengers

Aldermen Candidate Interviews and Positions on New School Location 

The Criteria for Selecting a Site for the School--A Critique

Leadership Germantown Alumni Newsletter Gives Incumbents Weeks More Notice than Challengers for Date of Forum

The IRONY of the Germantown Email Scandal--Blame the Water Bills and the Open Records Request Law

The UNDEAD-- Germantown Road Realignment

My Answer to Various Attacks 

Back to School Part 3 Work Sessions 

Challengers' Late Notice Leads to Imbalanced Forum 

Back to School Part 2 Transparency 

Back to School Part 1-History of the Start Time Issue 

Commercial Appeal Stories Return- Alderman Does Business with the City 

Germantown Candidate Websites  



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